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Our mission at De Boer Chiropractic is to provide total care – from treating injuries to optimal healthfulness, and returning all patients to an active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

Dr. Daniel DeBoer has been serving the Lansing, South Holland and the surrounding areas of Northwest Indiana such as Munster, Highland, Dyer, St. John and Schererville.  Dr. DeBoer has served his patients  with honesty and integrity for over 20 years and treats patients who are looking to improve or maintain their health and be able to live an active lifestyle.  Over the last 20 years Dr. DeBoer has successfully treated patients with many different back and neck problems.  Many of these patients believed that due to their age or severity of their problem they were going to have to just live with their pain.  However, DeBoer Chiropractic offers many treatments and therapies that can relieve, reduce or eliminate most back and neck problems.  He also treats patients with headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg and hip pain, and so much more.  If there are patients who have problems that require orthopedic or neurologic consults, Dr. DeBoer will refer these patients to the appropriate specialist

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